The Buxton pub lit up during an evening, highlighting its Victorian architecture. © CLERKENWELLBOYEC1
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The Buxton pub and restaurant reopens its doors after a lengthy lockdown

First opened in 2019, The Buxton bistro and hotel experienced setbacks in its services due to the lockdown. After a chequered start, it is now operating at full capacity.

Walking into The Buxton will have you feeling like you’ve just walked into a high-end restaurant rather than a pub. Nestled on the corner of Osborn St, Brick Lane, The Buxton is both a bistro and a hotel.

Windows surround the entirety of the pub, letting in a dazzling amount of natural light in the daytime. With its spectacular lighting, your eyes are immediately drawn to the bar, with its wood panelling, varnished to a mirror-like surface and completed with a fancy red marble surface on top.

Above the ground floor cocktail bar and restaurant is the hotel, which has 15 bookable bedrooms and a rooftop for hotel guests, also used to grow herbs for the kitchen and bar. 

The menu features a seasonal a la carte menu of regional British and European dishes served in the pub throughout the day. Rather than a fixed menu for the selection of fish, the menu adapts regularly to what has been caught on the day. 

Food presented at The Buxton has a particular emphasis on maintaining responsible sourcing, with their suppliers carrying out high standards of animal agriculture and welfare. As for the drinks, they showcase a selection of local beers and non-intervention wines, including skin contact white wines, alongside a list of cocktails.

Located in the busy heart of Brick Lane, its home is found within curry houses and chic cafés. For the lovers of the East End feel, the architecture reflects the historic appeal of its location, with the interior fashioned with reference to East London’s Victorian heritage, featuring exposed bricks and fireplaces.

The Buxton is part of the Culpeper Family Hospitality Group, which is made up of four pubs and restaurants across East and North London –  The Culpeper near Spitalfields, The Buxton on Brick Lane, The Duke of Cambridge in Islington and The Green in Clerkenwell.

Open seven days a week with varied times, visit their website for more information and bookings.

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A shot of the bartender working behind the bar, The Buxton, Whitechapel.
The bartender working his magic behind the eye-catching chestnut brown bar.

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