Protests supporting Palestine outside Whitechapel Underground Station. Image by Robert Postings.
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Protesters rally for Palestine in Tower Hamlets

Protesters in Tower Hamlets called for a ceasefire to end Israel’s assault on Gaza as part of a global day of action.

Protesters rallied in Altab Ali Park last Saturday for Palestine, calling for a ceasefire and an end to Israel’s assault on Gaza.

After the rally at Altab Ali Park in Tower Hamlets, protesters marched to Whitechapel Underground station where they boarded trains to join the London rally at Trafalgar Square. 

The rally was held in the park on Saturday 4th November in the afternoon.

At the rally, protesters held ‘Freedom for Palestine’ placards and dozens of Palestinian flags fluttered in the wind. They chanted “ceasefire now” and “in our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians”.

Many wore the Kufiyya, the chequered black and white scarf that has long been a symbol of Palestine.

Speakers talked about the experiences of Palestinian people and what is occurring in Gaza. Many also called on political leaders in the UK and abroad to take action. 

The rally was part of the ‘Day of Action for Palestine’ organised across the UK by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

Protests have been taking place every week since Israel launched its air and ground assault on Gaza in response to the October 7th attack by Hamas. 

They are calling for a ceasefire.

Anima, who lives and works in Tower Hamlets, was one of the attendees at the rally. She was came because of a recent trip she had taken to Jerusalem, and because of her two children. 

“Regardless of religion, I feel as humans we are failing, we are failing badly.”

“I have every single right to say I would like to see a safe world for everyone, regardless of our colour, regardless of our social status, it should be a safe world for my children, for your children”. 

“It’s about bringing change to the world, for the next generation”.

On October 7th Hamas, who control the Gaza Strip, launched an attack on Israel killing an estimated 1400 people.

Israel has responded with an air and ground assault on the Gaza Strip killing over 10,000 people.

This was the third week of major demonstrations since Israel’s bombing campaign against Gaza. Organisers and protesters have vowed to continue action until there is a ceasefire.

This week motions calling for a Gaza ceasefire were ruled outside of Tower Hamlets Council remit despite cross-party support.

A protester at Altab Ali Park wearing a Palestinian flag.
A protester at Altab Ali Park wearing a Palestinian flag.

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