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We are creating a new model of local journalism that puts community at its heart and creates a space where all voices can be heard. We think this should be done in collaboration with local people and organisations, working together to create content and connections that help us flourish as a neighbourhood.

To keep this content free for all and to be accountable to our readers rather than large corporations, we rely on reader contributions. Thanks to our growing ranks of grassroots members, part of our operating costs is now funded by readers. A pound at a time, we believe we can get there.

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By the community

Journalism that is co-created by local people and organisations

The engine that powers Whitechapel LDN is 100% local. We have a diverse network of local contributors who either live or work in the area. All writing about stories they care about. We collaborate with local organisations including charities, arts and cultural bodies, education and faith groups to create content that truly reflects the local area. Together we are paving the way for independent journalism that will uplift the community.

For the community

Supporting us means you are providing a voice for those less heard.

We want to make sure everyone’s voices are heard, no matter how small or marginalised. We also support the independent businesses that make up our high street, throwing a light on the crafts and people that drive our local economy. We help you discover the area’s oldest businesses as well as the new kids on the road. To put a name to the people who you pass by everyday. Whitechapel LDN‘s mix of professional, citizen and partner content means we can provide a platform for everyone. A platform that throws a light on our immediate surroundings, tightens the bonds between people and creates a community. 

“At a time when the national and international media bombard us with negativity toward each other, it is this type of positive local journalism that brings out the best in a community and its people.”

Naz, owner of Sweet Treats shop

Help us pioneer a new kind of local media

It has never been more important to balance the global with the local.

Creating a local media network that is powered by the community and for the community is hard work. 

It has also never been achieved before in a sustainable way. 

We are already proving what a network of citizen journalists and local partner organisations can achieve by working together.

But we need your help to continue growing this grassroots movement. 

Media is accountable to those who finance it. We want to be accountable to readers. Not to advertisers, not to local government. To you. 

A pound at a time, we believe we can get there.

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f you believe in investing in your community, please consider donating to us with a monthly donation. As a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, you can be confident that every penny will go towards supporting local people and organisations. And of course, making content that will help you keep up with the pulse of your neighbourhood. Whether it is the latest events, hidden heritage, old shops, new establishments, or simply seeing the world through the eyes of your neighbour.Our content will always be free. But by donating whatever you are able to, we will give a bunch of free stuff to say thank you, including:

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Please note: Donations are collected by Social Streets C.I.C the not-for-profit community interest company (C.I.C) that publishes Whitechapel LDN. Reader contributions will be used by Social Streets C.I.C to support Whitechapel LDN and associated projects and services that benefit the Poplar area only. As a social enterprise we believe in transparent finances and you can view Social Streets’ Annual Report here. If you have any questions about contributing to Social Streets C.I.C please contact us here. You can ask your bank to can cancel your direct debit to Social Streets C.I.C at any time.